Established 1983

    Welcome to Carrdox Dachshunds.  

    Located in Madera, California, Carrdox Dachshunds has been a leading kennel of
    standard smooth Dachshunds in Northern California for many years. As Dachshund
    breeders for over 28 years the focus at Carrdox has always been to produce dogs that
    can not only compete in the breed ring, but also dominate in performance areas as well.  

    While Carrdox has bred standards in all varieties, the true love here has always been
    our standard smooths. Our standard smooths have been the foundation stock of
    several breeders finding success in breeding sound, quality smooth Dachshunds.

    We take great pride in the Dachshunds that we produce. In limited litters and in limited
    showing we have been able to produce Dachshunds that stand out and are noticed and
    acknowledged for their typey looks, correct structure and movement, great
    temperaments and natural hunting abilities.  

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We hope
    you enjoy our website and enjoy looking at our fine dogs as much as we do.

    Click here to see our Basset Hounds.

                                                                                                                       ~Sharon and Joe Carr